Velodrome Installation, Riverside Museum, Glasgow
A 13 metre diameter overhead sculpture displaying the history of the bicycle. The installation is suspended from the main roof of the exhibition hall, some seven metres in the air. The concept was based on the idea of a Mobius Strip; a band twisting on its axis around a circular ring.

The structural system comprises a single large diameter steel tube, brought to site in three sections. The ring was then assembled, the blades and exhibits were then added, and the whole assembly lifted into place. Suspended from six wires, great care was needed to ensure that the ring was properly positioned before the load was transferred into the suspension wires, and in a carefully controlled manner. In the final state the form is a tensegrity structure, relying on the self weight of the ring to maintain tension in the wires and prevent lateral sway under accidental or wind forces.

Concept Designer Event Communications
Detailed Design and Construction Engage Productions
Client: Riverside Museum Scotland’s Museum of Transport and Travel

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