IKEA Surveys
As part of their commitment to continuous improvement Ikea UK Ltd asked us to carry out structural surveys and reviews of six of their UK sites. We were asked to survey the condition of the four London stores, at Wembley, Lakeside, Tottenham, and Croydon, and to also survey their Dublin and Belfast sites. The ages of the sites varied from Dublin, which was eight years old, to Wembley which was 25 years old and their first in the UK. Each site comprises the warehouses with their long spans and high volumes, loading bays and staff facilities in continuous use 24 hours per day, multi storey car parks, and the retail store buildings themselves. The variations in structural form and type required us to use a range of skills and experience in assessment of their condition, and in making recommendations for repairs or other interventions. The surveys have then led on to further projects for Ikea Ltd, and is a key stage in what we hope will be a productive partnership for both parties.

Client  IKEA UK Ltd
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