Lighthouse of Fragility Sculpture, Art South, Lymington, Hampshire
This project was a collaboration between Ström Architects, German artist Susanne Winterling, and ourselves, to create a temporary structure called "The Lighthouse of Fragility". Situated on the sea wall in Lymington, Hampshire, this was commissioned by artSOUTH, a joint venture between Arts Council England and Hampshire County Council which funded and curated a series of 15 separate arts projects around Hampshire.

With Ström Architects, we developed the idea into a structure taking the form of a grid shell that arches in three dimensions to create an efficient form with very high span to depth ratio. The shell geometry is part of a torus, allowing the surface to be created by simple curved elements of constant radius, with round steel bars providing the most economic and appropriate material. Simple U-Bolt clamps at joints allowed the structure to be simple to erect, to demount, and to be re-useable, and constructed out of readily available reinforcement bars.

Artist Susanne M Winterling
Architect Ström Architects
Client Hampshire County Council and Art Council England
Value £30,000

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