Stringfellow Hall of Residence, Cranfield University
Cranfield University specialises in post graduate studies, particularly in engineering, science and management. The University required 250 student rooms within a tight programme. It was decided to use a structure of tunnel form cast in-situ reinforced concrete in 5 new blocks with 50 rooms in each. Tunnel form use means that structural cross walls make partitions between rooms, and the repetition of room dimension allows for an efficient steel formwork system to be fabricated. There is a 24 hour cycle for setting formwork up, fixing reinforcement, and pouring concrete. There are many advantages to this system. It is extremely economical because the formwork can be used 75 times. The construction is relatively fast, and it has good thermal and acoustic properties, with re-cycled and low CO2 components.
Architect Stanton Williams Architects
Client Cranfield University
Project Value £10.5 million
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